Live a moment of relaxation in a day often loaded with fatigue and stress.

Your driver is waiting for you on time as agreed for your destination. You can easily locate it with a sign or other means defined in advance. We will send you in advance the name of the driver, the registration, and his telephone number if necessary.

Punctuality, efficiency and comfort will be at the rendezvous for the best possible journey.

Laissez le luxe vous transporter

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A transfer to Strasbourg TGV station? A simple trip to get to Strasbourg-Entzheim International Airport? An important meeting in the European Parliament Strasbourg. Take a seat in our luxury cars, and let you drive to your destination.

Transfers all distances / long haul

Reservations can be made directly on our website, or by phone, we organize all your trips in advance. You will not be surprised when you arrive, if you have luggage we do not ask for any additional charges.

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If you are looking for reliable, punctual, courteous and discreet drivers, call on International Transport Services and take advantage of our fleet of luxury vehicles throughout the Greater East and even abroad.


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